We would be pleased to take charge of all aspects of your push-message advertising, from the establishment of a campaign platform to evaluation of the individual campaigns.

AppCamp means no longer having to make extensive use of your internal resources to exploit your website or app optimally.

Reversely, you are, of course, perfectly welcome to deal with various parts of the process.
For this reason, we have divided AppCamp's services into four modules, from which you are free to pick and choose.


There are very many providers of mobile campaign platforms, ranging from very simple platforms that only manage non-segmented push messages, to bigger platforms with features such as integration with email newsletters and SMS postings. We have an in-depth knowledge of the market, so we are able to ensure not only that that you get the right software, but that it is implemented optimally in relation to ongoing operations.


Rigorous planning and management are key to successful campaigns. The greater the potential for segmentation, the greater the number of campaigns that will have to be kept track of. AppCamp has many years of experience in the planning of tactical marketing.


What is the message? How should it be formulated? What should the design look like?

AppCamp has a professional network of tactical freelancers, which enables us to ensure not only that the campaigns are not sent to the right people at the right time, but that your impact is extremely precise.


Everything can be measured. This is one of the major advantages of using apps in your marketing. We have developed an AppCamp Dashboard and will help you to set up KPIs for individual campaigns, so that you are able to evaluate impact and extract data for reports.

Financial aspects are straight-forward for many months ahead when you conclude an agreement with AppCamp. We agree on a fixed price per month, so you are able to budget twelve months ahead.