Make your website or app an active campaign platform

You can use AppCamp to send relevant content to your customers at the right time, any time. We segment push messages using four parameters.


Invest in your own media

You can therefore make campaigns to target your own website- or App-users, i.e. Users who want to hear relevant messages from you, at the right times. This will allow you to achieve:


What is it worth?

Direct comparison of the market price for segmented clicks on digital ads allows for comparison of the value of AppCamp’s campaigns.

What is it worth - graph

AppCamp has in-depth experience with marketing and are able to manage the entire process on your behalf:

Campaign platform: Purchase and operation of system to control segmented push messaging.
Campaign planning: We organise campaigns in partnership with you, to give you maximum effect from the app.
Campaign production: We develop and execute campaigns, both professionally and efficiently.
Campaign evaluation: In consultation with you, we will configure relevant KPIs and you will have direct access to the statistics.


Peter Grumsen
Klavs Lange


We have been working with push communication ever since the launch of App Store. We have also been operating in trade marketing and tactical communications in the advertising industry. This is an optimal combination, if our customers are to see the best possible benefit from their websites or apps: We are able to execute all tactical campaigns that will operate on digital platforms. There is no doubt that segmented push messages can make a big difference as you compete for customers’ attention.

If you have a website or an app, we would be pleased to tell you more about how you can use it for effective marketing. Send us an email or give us a call.

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